Elemetary School~2nd Grade

In 2nd grade I felt a need to start wearing lip stick…as did all the rest of the girls in my class. After recess, we would return with bright red lips, the same colors our mothers wore on parent-teacher conference night. Eventually Mrs. T put a stop to this. She pulled us out to the hall and said, “Girls we need to talk…”

I thought, “Are they finally going to tell us what our periods are?”

“…Lipstick”, she continued. And before she got to the ick in stick, most the girls were using their hands and arms to wipe away the evidence. Most of them did little but leave smears on their sweaty faces. Not me though! I decided to take a stand, damn it! I believed in God, Barbie, and wearing lipstick! I didn’t steal my mothers Mary Kay Samples for nuttin’! And I was going to wear it until the day I died! or at least until the end of the school day. And I did! (though I did wipe it off while on the bus so my mom wouldn’t see me wearing it!)  Funny enough, now, I rarely ever wear lipstick. Just chapstick.

Probably because I have no samples to steal.


One thought on “Elemetary School~2nd Grade

  1. Rachel, one day I’m going to be holding your book in my hands. You’re an awesome writer. I know awesome..and I know writer…:)))

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