Elementary School~5th Grade

5th grade is  when we really start to learn about sex! Woo Hoo! I swear, I tried so hard not to giggle when they showed the picture of the penis on t.v. But I couldn’t help myself. It was so…squiggly! Sometimes I still don’t understand how boys look down there without laughing.

Then came the sex rumors. I think we’ve all heard the one about the girl with the frozen hot dog. That was a good one, but my favorite one was told to me by a friend. We’ll call her J. J informed me that her cousin had gotten pregnant because she “put her finger in there one night.” OH MY GOD! They didn’t go over that on the video! You can have a baby with your finger!?!? This thought terrified me right up till 9th grade when we got the more advanced sex talk.The rest of my teen years were spent worrying I was gonna get leaked on by one of those squiggly things!

Okay, perhaps that last part wasn’t entirely true. But it does make me think about my son and how I’m going to have to have the talk with him. I just hope I can do it without giggling!


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