No Thank You

People often ask me why I cringe whenever my husband gives me a present. Well, this is why…


This is what he brought me today. His eyebrows jumping up and down on his happy little face while my entire body clenched up!

“POWERS THROUGH RUST-VARNISH-CARBON. SPRAYS UPSIDE DOWN.” Reading that didn’t really ease my fears much. Actually,  it annoyed me that I couldn’t figure out what he was insinuating.

It also didn’t help that I immediately read the back of the can, hoping to get an idea of where this was going. Here’s what it says…

Upon contact, Deep Creep immediately begins to “CREEP” deeply into otherwise unreachable places. Deep Creep frees rusted and sticky parts. Stops squeaks, displaces moisture, protects and cleans metal parts…

Saturate area with Deep Creep and let it work. When parts are severely stuck, use Deep Creep after parts have been heated. Deep Creep will work very well with heated parts and will not dissipate.

There will be NO heating of ANY parts as long as this stuff is in my house!!! At least, that’s what I screamed at him right before he drew my attention to the picture of the car and truck on the can. Oh, I get it now.

Oops. 😉



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