Knock it off!!!

I’m sorry, but I have to say something. I can’t stand it any longer and I have to lash out. Because if I don’t get this…anger out of me, I’m sure it is going to harden like glue and turn my soul black! Yes, I know that really doesn’t make any sense, but I usually don’t make a lot of sense when I’m annoyed.

Look people, I think it’s great you’re trying to lose weight. I personally think your thoughts and feelings should go in a journal you keep hidden under your bed, but what the heck, if you want to blog about it, that’s your choice and I certainly welcome you to it.

But freaking think before you post, eh? Have a freaking purpose. You blog to inspire someone else? Keep yourself motivated? Generate motivation from friends and family? Fine! That’s all great! Wonderful! I blog to entertain…and apparently bitch, because it’s nearly 1am and no one is up that I can grumble to!

What I’m getting at is, have a point. Make it interesting. Otherwise, what is the point of sharing it??? No one cares to know every single item that you stuffed in your mouth today. Why are you listing this…ON A BLOG??? No one cares! How about you find a buddy or a trainer or a life coach who DOES care and just send them the e-mail. Let them chastise you in private as opposed to all over the internet!

And stop taking pictures of uninteresting foods! I love it when someone makes or is about to eat something different, enticing, or mouth-watering and takes a pic and posts it on Facebook. I really do. Why? Because it’s interesting. A carrot is not interesting. Stop taking pictures of 3 grapes, a celery stalk, and a glass of water and calling it, “Lunch of Champions.” NO! It’s NOT! IT IS NOT A LUNCH OF CHAMPIONS! If you served that to a rabbit, he would look at you and say, “DUDE. WTF?”

I don’t want to discourage people from writing about their weight loss. I think it’s great you’re losing weight! You’re awesome! Way to go! I just…wish…you’d…think before you blog! Okay! Think before you blog!!!

Alright…now I’m gonna go pour myself a bowl of cereal and settle down. That is all.


3 thoughts on “Knock it off!!!

    1. SHUT UP! she’s posting video’s of herself eating. What is she eating? Is she talking while she eats? Is there music in the background? What’s the setting? Her kitchen table? A restaurant? This is the best of the worst things I’ve ever heard of, Katie!

  1. Yes she is posting videos of herself eating.. usually she’ll do this into-thingy, and then she’ll usually play music while she eats, and she usually dubs it so it speeds it sometimes. The setting changes..sometimes it’s in her bedroom, living, one time it looked like she got something to eat while out, and pulled over. The real bad videos are the ones where she’s gained weight instead of lost and she’s crying, and her makeup is smeared, and hair loos like her hair hadn’t been combed in a year.

    This same girl also has a Tumblr and she’ll post pics of what she wears everyday, along with jewerly, shoes, and sometimes bra and underwear.. along with a list of where she bought the clothes/jewlery etc. and how much they costs! She has lost about 75lbs since shes started this last diet.

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