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When do we eat?

2 days! 2 whole damn days stuck in the house with my family…whom I love…honest…but can not stand…right now. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if we could at least go out and play in the snow, but there’s really no snow. Just ice! Sheets and sheets of ice!

There’s nothing quite like that ‘trapped’ feeling to make a person almost go crazy. Oh sure, I could brave the ice and go for a short drive somewhere, but the last time I drove on ice I sorta…hit a house.  That’s not important right now though. I did walk around the house and take a few pictures, but then I almost fell on my toosh. So, for safety sake, I made the decision we would all stay in.

Staying in wasn’t all that great an idea. We were fine at first, but it didn’t take long before we began to turn on each other. I blame the weather man. His constant warnings about more snow and ice, high-speed winds, power outages, and cute little pets frozen to the concrete really didn’t help matters. Actually, I think it made all of us, including the 1-year-old, a teeny tiny bit anxious!

As the day dragged on and the tensions mounted, I realized we were almost out of milk! Not milk! That’s practically all we drink! And if the milk is almost gone, what’s next? The bread? The meat? The pasta? The…oh Gawd don’t say it…the cookies?!?! What will we do? We can’t drive to the grocery store! The whole world is covered in ice! Is the grocery store even open? And if we lose power how will we even keep the food cold? Or heat it up? What are we suppose to eat? What if there was a run at the store and all the food is gone? There could be riots in the streets!  ANARCHY OVER APPLES! BRAWLS OVER BANANAS! TURMOIL OVER TATER TOTS! HOW LONG CAN THIS LAST? HOW LONG WILL WE GO HUNGRY? OH GAWD, WE’LL HAVE TO EAT THE BABY!

Luckily, right at that moment of panic, my husband waltzed in and announced he was heading to the grocery store.

“Are you sure?” I asked, as if he said he was leaving for war.

“Uh…yeah?” he answered, as if I asked if he wanted baby for dinner.

He came home with all the fixings for a few dinners and 2 gallons of milk! Apparently, the main roads are fine…it’s just our neighborhood that doesn’t get salted or plowed.

So valuable lesson today. I won’t let the weather get to me. And you shouldn’t either!


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