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People THIS is NOT attractive!!!

It’s like my town has one store and on payday it decided to have a huge sale on sweat pants and boots. And after all these crazy women went and wasted their entire paychecks on sweats and  boots, they all decided to go to the grocery store at the exact same time I did. Every aisle I turned down, I saw the Sweat-Triangle-Beasts (STB, for short) lumbering towards me! It was scary!

In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I’m grumbling about the new fad of shoving your pants into your boots. And not just pants, but sweat pants! Ugly ass sweat pants that you shouldn’t be wearing in the first place! Listen, I understand the thoughts and feelings behind it. You just want to be comfy. I understand comfort. I am the queen of T-shirts and jeans. As a matter of fact I went out and bought 3 new t-shirts today. A red one, a black one, and a white one. I have 7 red, black, and white t-shirts (but these are v-necks!). But sweats should never be worn outside the house. Unless you’re exercising. And then they should be cute sweats. And throwing boots on over your old ratty, stained black sweats does not ‘dress them up’. You still look like crap. And like a triangle. Just because something is ‘in’ style does not mean you should do it. Just like not ALL women should wear skinny jeans. Not ALL women should wear tank tops. Not ALL woman should allow their thongs to stick out the back of their pants. Actually, scratch that, NO WOMEN should show their thongs off. Whale Tale is trashy…especially if it’s peeking out of your nasty ol’ sweat pants that you have tucked into your boots! I mean really…look at that picture. Do you seriously WANT to look like Santa Claus?  So, my advice, incase you’re wondering…before you leave your house, stand before a full length mirror. If your clothes warp your body into the shape of an ice cream cone, change them! At least the pants. And take off the damn boots!

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “People THIS is NOT attractive!!!

  1. Ha! I so agree. That’s actually one reason why I prefer to shop at Walmart over Kroger. People in Walmart just seem to care a bit more about stuff like taking hair curlers out before leaving the house…

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