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Fat Bottom Girl you make the Bloggin’ world go round!

Recently, I wrote a blog that might have offended people (see People THIS is NOT attractive). Offending people is never my true intention, and the only reason I know I have offended someone is because a comment was made on a different site.  I had mixed feelings about her comment…good and bad. So let’s hit the bad first…

I suppose what surprised me is the woman insinuated that I was attacking ‘big’ girls. This actually really hurt my feelings. I would never make fun of people because of their weight. (Though I did make fun of a woman wearing a bandanna because she looked like a pirate.) Just like I would never make fun of someone who is mentally handicapped (but I do make fun of retarded people) or the homeless (except family who know how to take a joke!).  I was just pointing out that this particular style is ugly. It never occurred to me that the reason these sweat-pant clad darlings look like Santa is because they’re bigger. As a matter of fact, when I made a comment (that lead to the blog) to a room full of woman (none of which are anorexic), they all laughed hysterically.

Also in the blog, I said something about “Some woman shouldn’t wear…” This was not an attack on over weight women, but rather an attack on bad fashion every where on every one. Myself included…because I’ve worn some doozies! The commenter mentioned something about when it’s hot outside, she might wear a tank top. She doesn’t look good in it, but screw it, it’s hot. Seeing an overweight woman in a tank top in August is NOT something I’m going to blog about. The reason behind blogging about the sweats in the boots fad is because I see it EVERYWHERE, and it’s just…horrible! Now, if I’m honest, jeans tucked into boots really isn’t so bad.  And don’t think just because a girl isn’t super-skinny that she can’t rock the look. My friend, N, is beautiful! She has perfect skin and a gorgeous smile and has never had a bad haircut for as long as I’ve known her. But N is no size 2…or 6…or 8. But, not long ago she and I went out and she was wearing her jeans tucked into her boots and she looked awesome! Jeans and boots are not the issue. My problem is with the sweats and the delusion that they are acceptable to wear anywhere as long as you tuck them into boots!

Nevertheless, since it appears I offended her (and probably others, as there’s never just one), I thought I’d blog about what super skinny girls shouldn’t wear. And , if you’re super skinny, don’t be offended, just don’t do this…

It was a couple of years ago,  I was at my little sisters softball game. It was hot and gross out and we were sitting on tiny wooden bleachers. Behind me, a woman yelled something funny to the umpire and I turned to see who it was. I never actually saw her though because I came face to face with her vagina. The super skinny woman was sitting with her legs wide open and wearing very short and very baggy shorts and no panties. I saw her who-ha, became nauseated, and spent the rest of the game leaning against a post by the restrooms. I’d rather smell poo than listen to  naked vagina  cheering behind me, but that’s just me!

Anyways, so that is that. If I offended you, I do apologize. Oh…and what about her comment made me feel good? Well…I think she might think that I’m super skinny now! So, WOOO-HOOOO!


3 thoughts on “Fat Bottom Girl you make the Bloggin’ world go round!

  1. Oh I have caused drama.. cause that comment was to me/you. I never once thought you was trying to say that big people shouldn’t wear such and such, and I knew that the blogs was about those ugly boots and sweatpants, never once did I even think you were saying that big people shouldn’t wear tank I will say sometimes the truth hurts, and some people get offended no matter what you say!

    1. Oh no no no! No drama at all. I liked the comment/feed back. Made me look at the story from a different angle. But I will say, it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want! So 😛

  2. I’m on your side. To all the women with sweat pants tucked into boots, please, I beg you, look in the mirror before you leave the house! To the woman with the cheering vagina, OMG just wear some underpants!

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