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Nice Dick

I finally found that thing that’s been missing in my life!  It was in the Ethnic food section of my grocery store, and I’ve never been so happy! What could this missing link in my life be?

Spotted Dick…IN A CAN, no less!

Just from the sound of its name, I assumed this Dick was a tube-like meat…much like the other popular dick we Americans call the penis…or cock…or one eyed monster, love stick, man muscle, schlong or my favorite…baloney pony.  But I could tell  from the shape of the can, it in no way resembled an actual dick. Though possibly…cat food.

Wikipedia says…

“Spotted dick is a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit (usually currants) commonly served with custard. Spotted refers to the dried fruit (which resemble spots) and dick may be a contraction or corruption of the word pudding (from the last syllable) or possibly a corruption of the word dough[1] or dog, as “spotted dog” is another name for the same dish with the use of plums rather than currants. Another explanation offered for the word “dick” is that it comes from the German word for “thick”, dicht or dick.”

Whew! Dessert Dick I can handle. Cat Food Meat Dick might be hard to swallow!

I was still a little leery so I went to the source of this dessert, and asked a couple British friends about it.  I have two British friends, and I think they would both steer me in the wrong direction just to laugh at my misfortune. (But in an affectionate way, I’m sure.) So when they both said it was very good, my suspicions rose even more! Nothing left to do now but try it!

I’m pretty sure it’s not actually suppose to look like that.

The directions are pretty easy. Pop it outta the can, cover it with a bowl, and microwave it. Easy peasy! The hard part is getting my husband to try it! Eventually, the yummy smell of  brown sugar helped ease his mind, and once he was done he admitted, “Hey that sponge dick wasn’t too bad.” Ah yes, just what every wife wants to hear her husband say.

All in all, it was pretty good. I wish I had served it with custard as is traditionally prepared. Perhaps next time I will.  I’m glad I tried it, though. This way I can brag that of all the great dick I’ve ever enjoyed, the fruitiest goes to Heinz! 😉


5 thoughts on “Nice Dick

  1. What made you want to try spotted dick? lol. Anyway I don’t know what the English use to make suet, but when I make suet I use animal fat (usually pig or deer) I do not eat the suet either, I use it for bird feed!

  2. I swear if you ever bring this to scrappbooking I’m done. We talk about enough dick there we don’t need to eat it too!!!

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