Look at those Boobs!

“Look at those Boobs!” is a game I like to play with my husband. Whenever I see boobs that are…um…different…I point them out and we have a fascinating conversation about them. The rules are simple.

1. I am the only one who can start the game. If he ‘starts’ it, he will be punished severely.

2. I am the only one he’s allowed to play it with. If I ever catch him playing it with one of his buddies, he’s dead!

3. During game play, inconspicuous glances at the breasts in question are permitted. Ogling is not.

4. Compliments directed at the bazongas are allowed, but only if the compliment is followed by, “…but they’re not as ___________ as yours.”  i.e. “Those are definitely motor-boatable, but not as motor-boatable as yours.”

5. Rules are subject to change depending on my time of the month as is his comfortablility with the game in general.

It’s actually a really fun game, and I learn so much!  I may have boobs, but I don’t stare at them all day. So when I see a strange set, it’s nice to know I have my wise husband to help me out.

“Look at those boobs! Could they be real?”

“Oh yes. See how the left one jiggled slightly when she moved her purse? Those are definitely real.”

And I can’t say how many times we’ve been annoyed with each other one moment, and the next minute we’re sharing a laugh over a lopsided uni-boob or a super-sized fun bag combo. “Look at those Boobs” is really kind of  like cheap marriage counseling!

I should mention that the boobs can be anywhere. In real life, on t.v., in books, magazines or in the newspaper…like this pair of knockers.

After dinner, I shoved this picture in my Jug Experts face and laughed, “Look at those Boobs! Is this for real or just bad Photoshop?”

Professor Hooter stared at the picture for a moment and determined, “No. I think they’re real. One just looks bigger than the other because of the way she’s standing.” I suppose that’s possible, but the one looks A LOT bigger than the other.

We’ve mulled and debated over this one several times with no outlook of compromise. I say bad Photoshop. He says bad angle. Perhaps both? I don’t know. So, I’m asking you dear reader to give your opinion so we can put this ugly tit-fight to rest. Whoever gets more votes will be crowned the Ultimate Boob. However the loser will actually have to wear the crown.  Should make for an interesting night.

So cast your vote or bust! (Get it? Bust? Boobs? Oh, I’m so damn funny. 🙂 )



2 thoughts on “Look at those Boobs!

    1. Yes they do photoshop everything NOW days, but not back in the 1980’s when this picture was taken!! Real boobs, bad angle. I have my own set of lopsided ones!!

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