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Capture and Release

He was staring at me through the window. At least I thought he was. He was actually looking at his own reflection. (And now that Suzanne Vega song is in my head! Tom’s Diner. Good song! Anyways…) He was so still, looking at himself, and had this wonderful peaceful smile on his face. ‘What could he be thinking?’, I wondered. What does a 5-year-old boy think about while looking into his own eyes that could make him so tranquil? When I was little…maybe older than 5, but still young…I would look at myself in a mirror and wonder what I’d look like as an adult. How would my eyes change? Would my lips still smile this way? Would I get wrinkles on my cheeks like my teachers? Or pimples on my chin like my cousin?

Is that was he’s doing?

As I concentrated on my son, he continued concentrating on his image, and a part of me felt like I was spying on him. Would he get mad if he saw me move past the window? I didn’t dare. I just stared back trying so hard to weasel into his thoughts.  Maybe he’s daydreaming about bikes or trucks or (gulp!) girls.  He could be asking himself some deep questions. Deep for a 5-year-old, that is. Like, “Why is Mr. Crabs daughter a Whale? And where is Mrs. Crabs?”

The timer for the oven went off and the spell was broken. I reluctantly started back for the kitchen,  trying to figure up how to bring this up later when I put him to bed. He’s usually pretty open with me. Will he tell me what he was thinking this time? But then I heard his fathers angry voice. The windows were closed so I couldn’t hear his exact words, but my husband was speaking loudly, sternly, and Tommy looked a bit shocked.

I ran outside where my husband continued to yell, “Don’t you ever let me catch you doing that ever again! Do you hear me? You don’t do that!” and Tommy yells back, “He does it all the time!” and pointed at our neighbors house, referring to their annoying little 10-year-old.  Steven turns to me looking both disgusted and stunned, “He was peeing on the house! Peeing on the house!!” and throws his hands up. It’s then I notice Tommy having a difficult time trying to button his shorts.

Ooooh! That explains it. I probably should have figured that out. After all, he used to have the same look in his eyes when he’d mess his diaper. Chalk it up to Lesson Learned! 😉

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Capture and Release

    1. Thanks Eliza and don’t worry about poor Tommy. He only got a little lecture. Later, his father and I laughed ourselves silly over this. Thanks for commenting and it’s very nice to meet you too!

      1. OMG Andy use to pee on everything! He peed in my shoes, in pots and pans, on my leg! Seriously.. that’s why I can laugh about it.!! The shoe was probably his best though.. he peed in it right before I was going to leave..and he knew it and sat and watched as I put my foot in a pee soaked shoe..and just giggled like it was the the most funniest thing he ever saw! And I got tthat surge of anger move through me.. and I felt like my head was going to explode.. but then I looked at him with those big blue eyes, blond curly hair, and big huge smile and my heart melted.

    1. Thanks. we often have front row seats to our neighbor boy doing the same thing. But at least he does it on the side of his house. Tommy just went at it in the front! HOR-I-FYING!

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