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Strawberry Rapcakes

I love this picture of my son. It was the last day of school and we celebrated by having Strawberry Shortcakes. He was very happy and when I told him I wanted to take a picture, he started posing like those chics he’s seen on America’s Next Top Model. This one is my favorite though. It looks like he’s rapping. And what kind of rap would a little boy rap if a little boy could rap little? Probably this one…

it’s the last day, my very last day
no more preschool comin’ round this way
said goodbye to my buddy by the monkey bars
n later alligator to my girl by the bouncy cars.
But that was then and this is right now
gonna give my mom mad props cause she knows when I’m down
She goes a slicing.
and dicing.
and whipping it up
She brings me strawberries and cream in a cake cup.
She knows I need suga, Uh, it’s real sweet
Suga, uh, an after school treat.
Helps me feel good and not so sad
So I eat it all up and save none for Dad.

(I think those hip hop classes I took at the learning annex are really paying off! :-P)


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