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Just another conversation I had with my son on the way to school. They’re a great way to start my day.

6-year-old: Mom, you know who I love?

Me: Me?

6-year-old: No.

Me: Oh. Who do you love?

6-year-old: It’s a girl with long brown hair and she wears lots of bracelets and has a pick-up truck and her name is Ashley.

Me: Ashley? Is she in your class at school?

6-year-old: No.

Me: How do you know her?

6-year-old: I don’t know her yet. She’s just a girl I dream about. She’s the girl I want to marry.

Me: Oh.

6-year-old: Don’t worry, Mom. I still want to marry you, but I can’t while you’re married to Dad. So I’ll marry Ashley till you guys break-up.

Me: Good to know I have a back-up plan in case this whole marriage thing doesn’t work out.

6-year-old: yep, glad I got a back-up plan, too.


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