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When I Grow Up…

It started off as, ‘What do you want to be for Halloween?’ and somehow became, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Since then, Laurie has been quite vigilant on her search for the perfect job, and I’m thinking she just may have a career decided on by the time she’s 5.

A couple of weeks ago, she told me she wants to be a doctor, which I think is great. She is super caring and sweet as can be with Jack. When I don’t feel well she acts on her best behavior and often asks, with her hand on my forehead, “You okay? You feel sick again?” So sweet! But she’s also clumsy as hell. Nothing would be more frightening than her coming at me with a syringe…or a scalpel…or a push pen. Really anything with a semi-sharp edge is ridiculously scary in her hands.

Then, one day in the car, I hear her mumble from the backseat, “I wanna dress that guy.” There’s a man standing on the corner wearing sunglasses, a striped shirt, and jeans that looked like they crawled in from the ’80’s. I’m impressed that she notices the guy could use a new look, and I start daydreaming of my little girl winning Project Runway. Meeting Tim Dunn! Making clothes for real women and not just using the lame flower prints that petites and plus-sized women are usually stuck with!  I think she would do a fantastic job! Then I glanced back and noticed she was wearing bright pink, purple, and blue pants, one zebra sock and one giraffe sock, sandals, and a polka-dotted dress. She’s no Mondo.

Sometimes I think my almost 3-year-old will get in to politics. She’s pretty good at making an argument, extremely sneaky, and can lie like nobody else! Sometimes when we’re watching the news, she’ll scream, “Barack O-ba-mall is the pesident!” And in the same breath she’ll tell me, “I can be the pesident!” And then I have to explain that she was born with ovaries so it’s never gonna happen.

In the past couple weeks, she’s expressed interest in being everything from a firefighter to a horse rider, a dancer, a teacher, a student (professional, of course), and a mommy. That was flattering.

Then today she told me she wants to be a police officer so she can arrest me and stick me in jail. I’d still prefer that over the needle.

Well, whatever she’s going to be, I hope she figures it out and is truly happy and inspired everyday. Oh, and as far as Halloween goes, she’s gonna be a zombie, “…and eat bwains!” That’s my girl!

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2 thoughts on “When I Grow Up…

    1. Sure, no problem Katie! Really, I just hope she figures it out before she’s a 30-something stay at home mom with no goals or ambition. Um…Not that I know anyone like that.

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