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The Perfect Family Photo

“Awe! You guys are too cute sitting like that! Let me grab the camera and take a quick photo!”

“Oh that was nice guys, but Jack wasn’t smiling. And Tommy, let’s not throw gang signs up. Okay? Now ready. 1…2…3…cheeese!”

“Okay, Laurie I think you blinked and Tommy, I’m serious, put your hand down. Jack! Look at Mommy. Look at Mommy. Boo boo boo! Look at Mommy and cheeeeese!”

“Oh c’mon! Tommy you got right in front of Laurie and Laurie don’t hide your face. Jack, good job. Now all of you look at the camera and smile. No, look here…at the camera…look up….”

“What! Why are you crying? Stop that. Now damn it! Smile! SMILE! THIS IS FUN!”

“I hate her.”

“Okay, just one more! One more guys! Let’s make it the best one yet.  Hey…where are you going?”


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