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Attempting Not to Suck

Once a month, a small group of my friends and I get together to scrapbook. We overeat and gossip and gripe about our kids while we delicately place their precious pictures on pretty pieces of paper where they’ll remain for all eternity. It’s adult arts and crafts at its best. It’s also a chance to get away from the family for a little bit and reconnect with old friends, possibly make new ones, and actually FEEL human again. When we get together, it’s not just a bitch-fest, but a chance to share thoughts and ideas with other women.

This last month one of my very best friends says to me, “Oh by the way, your blog has been sucking lately.”

Well…that’s one thought.

I didn’t disagree with her, though I did give every excuse I could think of; I’m busy, Jack is teething, I’m too tired, Tommy has Cub scouts, Laurie is in a destructive phase, Steven is in a we-are-finally-alone-let’s-fool-around phase, and Christmas must be thrown up in every aspect of our lives! Sure as hell can’t leave that to Santa.

With all that said, I just found myself with a few minutes to spare, and a  few cute little somethings to share. First, let me just announce that Mr. Jack Henry has begun crawling. He’s been scooting backwards for a couple of months now and just last night figured it out. He wasn’t rushing to his mothers warm embrace or to his fathers swinging arms. He wasn’t even after a toy. Jack was on a mission to get to the dog and pull his ears…and he did it! Cody’s not all that thrilled though. As soon as he finds a comfy spot on the floor, Jack is right there grabbing at his ears. Poor puppy.

Miss Laurie has been perfecting the art of Christmas Caroling. She’s got down Jingle Bells and Rudolph and the drum on Little Drummer Boy. Just this morning I heard her singing along to Last Christmas by Wham. That. Is. Awesome. One thing that is NOT awesome is Josh Groban’s Oh Holy Night. Earlier this month it popped on the radio and halfway through, I heard Laurie mumble, “Wow. I hate this song.” I have never laughed so hard! Sorry Josh Groban.

And finally, an update on Mr. Tommy. Things are going well for him, too. He had a great progress report from school. An A in Math (which is better than anything I ever got in Math), and B’s in everything else. Though I wonder if part of it isn’t because he edits the class worksheets. Sometimes he changes the sentences to fit his answer.



I give him an A for effort and creativity. 🙂

That is all my kiddies will give me time for today. Will try to update on all our Christmas ventures later on, but for now I have to pick up a screaming Jack and Laurie is insisting I smell her hands. (I told her no. She said, “It’s okay. They just smell like hands.” Not falling for that one again.)

Thanks for Reading!



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