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The Big O-N-E

May 2013 061

Rachel, why haven’t you blogged lately?

Oh, I’ll tell ya why! I’ve been planning my sons 1st birthday party. The party that I completely forgot about! I know…his first one…and I totally forgot!

That’s not to say I forgot he was getting older. I’m reminded daily that he’s no longer my sweet little baby boy. A few weeks ago I was watching him play on the floor and I just had a moment of…I don’t even know what. An honest a-ha moment, I guess. And when my husband got home, I couldn’t wait to share it with him.

“Look at him!”, I pointed, “Look at him playing. Isn’t that amazing? Last year he was INSIDE my stomach and now he is on the floor pushing a truck and MAKING the sound of a truck! It blows the mind! On this day last year, he had no idea what a truck was and now he is playing with it! He is less than a year old and he KNOWS how to play with a truck! That’s AMAZING! Isn’t it?”

My husband responded, “What’s happening here? Are you high?”

Well maybe I was because it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago I remembered Jack’s birthday party. Steven and I were getting our calendars synchronized. We have 3, and usually at the end of each month, especially when we know a busy month is coming up, we pull them all together and make sure everything is on everyone’s calendars. Yes, it’s stupid, but that’s how we survive.

Anyways, that’s what we were doing when I sighed, “I can’t believe Jack is turning 1. This year went by so fast!”

Steven smiled so sweetly, his eyes looking back in time, “He was so small. I’ll never forget…”


Now, I wasn’t so much panicked about the actual party, but you know, getting out invites in time and all that stuff. So I hit Wal-mart. Normally, I would use to order invites, probably just because I like getting something in the mail that’s not a bill or coupon for a free tire rotation, but I was in panic mode so it was off to Wal-mart I go! Their invites  are actually  really cute and ready in 1-hour and only $.28 each. Hello. Thank you. Goodbye. And I had the cutest picture to put in them…

April 2013 152_edited-1So sweet. And p.s.  he only wore that hat for like 3 seconds and I got a picture. Super Mom, here!

Next was theme and decorations. If you live in Ohio you know that Spring last about 2 days in April and then it’s hot as balls till November. Therefore, it was only natural that I think, “Outside party! Bright colors! Balloons!” Very excited for this. I’ve been throwing ‘inside’ parties for 7 years. It’s about damn time we get to venture outdoors!

I then checked out for a little inspiration. Cheap and easy inspiration, really.  The first time I heard about pinterest, a few of my girlfriends were chatting about recipes they’ve found and blah, blah, blah. I asked what it was and there was a collective gasp in the room. “YOU’VE NEVER BEEN ON PINTREST!?” Which sounds like a question, but came out more like an accusation.



“I SWEAR TO YOU, IT WILL TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE!” (though that’s also what they said about reading Twilight, and I’m still trying to work my way through that.)

Honestly even now, many months later, I still don’t get the full obsession with pinterest, but it has helped me out of a couple jams, so yay. I snatched a few ideas off there and headed to the party store.

May 2013 068 May 2013 071 May 2013 140May 2013 067

The day of the party, I’m all set. I’m blowing up balloons, I’m icing cupcakes, I’m whistling the happy birthday song. And then I go outside to start decorating and it…is…freezing! Freezing! In May! What the frick, Mother Nature!?!?

In a normal persons life, this would have been a minor setback. A regular person would just say, “Oh well, let’s move everything indoors.” But, see,  I’ve been ‘working’ on my kitchen for 5 years now. It seems whenever we start in on it, life takes over. There’s a job change, a new kid, a van, a patio, bedrooms redone…there’s always something else we are forced to spend our time and money on. Right now, we’re getting ready to remodel our breezeway. Don’t ask me why. And it’s kind of a running joke between friends and family. And it’s fine. I honestly don’t even really notice it anymore.  But the  kitchen is ugly and the thought of having another ugly bday broke my heart. With tears in my eyes, I yelled for Tommy, “Bring me another balloon!”  I did the best I could with what I had…

May 2013 065May 2013 137May 2013 072

In the end, I think the party was a success! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we only had one almost-tragic moment when little AJ just about lost his hand to a pack of wild, angry balloons!

May 2013 132

Jack loved having so many family and friends over to ooh and ahh over his toddling (yes, he toddles now. Let’s not discuss it.)  And of course he loved all his new toys and clothes…and red velvet cake. Ye-ah!

May 2013 131

So, considering the fact that we almost completely missed the birthday all together, I’m pretty pleased with myself. Invites got out on time, decorations were creative and cheap and nicely done (if I do say so myself)  and I got this smile out of my little boy. Yep, I think I’m gonna enjoy my awesomeness for just a little bit. Mommy high-fives all around!

Thanks for Reading!


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