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Summer Blogging is for Nerds.

scan0001“Why aren’t you blogging?!” My answer this time?  Uh…cause it’s summer and I’d rather be sitting outside with my ashy white thighs soaking up that vitamin D than sitting in the house getting paler and lumpier and grosser in front of the computer screen…duh. But, I thought I’d give a few updates on Summer life at Casa de Whims before the sun comes up!

Actually, a really big reason I haven’t been blogging is because of the kids. Tommy’s on his summer vacation and, even though he’s a really good kid most the time, I still have to keep my eye on him. A few days ago we were in the backyard. It was the perfect cool but sunny morning. I was at the table reading, the baby was running my bare feet over with his chunky plastic cars, and the older kids were playing just out of sight  by the swing set. I heard Tommy ask Laurie, “Do you want to die?” And Laurie, who thinks Tommy has the greatest ideas ever, excitedly answered, “YEAH!” And then Tommy said, “Drink this!” Well, that was the fastest I’ve moved all Summer! Good news, no one died.

Don’t think that Tommy’s my only morbid kid. Laurie asked if she could read me a bedtime story instead of me reading to her. “What a treat! Yes! Please do!” Sometimes after dinner, especially in the winter, I would have the kids make up silly stories. The fun thing about Laurie is she likes to use her hands when she’s telling the stories. So she puts the blankets around us both and gave me a kiss on the head and began. “Once upon a time (jazz hands)…far far away (jazz hands)…there was a beautiful princess named Mommy…” Ooh, I like this, “…and there was a handsome prince named Daddy”…even better!  “…and they both died. The end.” What the…! Talk about a Grimm Fairytale! Holy shit!

We’re remodeling our breezeway. Have I mentioned that? The crew got started on it just this week and it’s so exciting! My husband, though, has been kind of a nervous wreck. He’s a perfectionist (that’s why he married me!), and used to doing all the work to the house himself, so having strangers come while he’s a work is kinda freaking him out. It freaked me out a little bit at first, too. The night before they showed up I turned to my love and said, “Man, I hope they don’t give off a huge date-rapey vibe.” Steven laughed, “They won’t. These are the same guys that worked at my parents house. I’ve met them. They’re cool.” Sorry, but I”m pretty sure my date-rape-dar is a little keener than yours, Sweetie. Honestly, when you hire a contractor for anything, there should really be a book of each employee’s picture so you can decide who to hire. “Nope, he looks a little too ‘It rubs the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again!’.” Ya know what I mean? But as it turns out, they are cool. I guess I got lucky!

No other big plans for the summer. We’ve got birthday parties and graduation parties, bbq’s and days at the pool planned, but nothing like back-packing in Europe or spending weeks at a resort. Soon we’ll be heading to the Independence Day festival and then the County Fair, and if that’s all we do, I’m okay with that. I like long lazy summer days when we can go fishing and hiking and riding bikes all day and then all sit around the fire with good friends while my kids freak them out with their gruesome tales. And so far, that’s just what we’ve had. It’s been perfect!

So forgive me if I’m not blogging every single day or even every single month. I’m off making some super memories with the family that I cherish! (And getting some Vitamin D on these pasty legs. Lord help me, I am WHITE!)

Thanks for Reading!


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