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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

My son has one of those balls that lights up when you hit it. I don’t know where he got it, but it’s rapid flashing colors gives the dog a nervous breakdown whenever the thing is bouncing about. In other words, it’s every bodies favorite new toy. It’s been fought about, negotiated over, and drooled on. One child hid it in his pants for an hour so the other one couldn’t take her turn. She, in return, hid it down her shirt which caused her brother to have to whip out his invisible can of cootie cleaner and spray that mother down! The baby is smart. He knows when he wants it, to cry. Come to Mommy with those giant sad eyes and force her to stop playing Candy Crush long enough to scream, “GIVE THE BABY THE BALL!”

I’m telling you all this so you’ll appreciate my pictures a little more. To get these pictures of the toy and all it’s incandescent splendor, I had to be sneaky and deceitful. Dark and dirty. Clever and…quiet. Really I just snuck into my sons room and swiped it while he slept. But still! I do this for art…or something. And I think they turned out pretty well. The first one is maybe how the kids see it. And the second is maybe what it becomes after all the screaming and hair-pulling over the damn thing. But you can get all deep about it all on your own. Thanks for stopping by!


December 2013 038

December 2013 037



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