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Baby Patrol

There is this fantastic hour during the week when I can sit my son in front of the t.v. and he leaves me alone for most of that hour. I don’t know what it is, but  he LOVES this show called Paw Patrol. It’s these dogs…that talk…and help people…by flying in helicopters or driving emergency vehicles. I don’t know. I’ve never had the patience to sit through an entire episode. But he loves it and I love that he leaves me alone. God bless t.v.

Oh I know what’s being said. I know you’re not ‘suppose’ to let small children watch t.v. I know ‘good’ stay-at-home-parents don’t ‘need’ a t.v. to ‘babysit’ their kids. But guess what. I don’t care.  You could tell me that extensive research has proved that  small children who watch shows about cartoon talking dogs grow up to have violent bestiality relationships, and I would say to you, I don’t care.

I get ONE hour where I don’t have to play some mind-numbing puzzle or read some unbelievably asinine picture book about a duck that loses his scarf and needs the help of a wise yet misunderstood albino raccoon to get it out of a magic tree that only talks in rhyme! It’s…it’s just…every day. Endless things like that. But, for one hour he’s not fussing or jumping, head first mind you, from the tallest, climbable thing in the house. He’s not eating weird things or trying to put his finger in my nose or eyeballs. He’s not sneaking into the bathroom to play in the toilet or screaming for yet another cup of watered-down apple juice. He’s just sitting. And watching. For one hour. And it’s lovely. It’s wonderful. And it’s all I ask for in life.

So thank you to all the creators of talking animal hero shows. You have given this SAHM a new lease on life…and possibly my son a weird issue we’ll have to discuss with a therapist later on, but that’s okay. I know you meant well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this…

January 2014 075

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2 thoughts on “Baby Patrol

  1. haha love it! Completely understand. My little girl loves wiggles. Unfortunately it’s only on for ten minutes every morning but it’s enough time for me to have a coffee and check emails before she starts demanding I read to her or play to her again 🙂

    1. Oh yeah we did the Wiggles thing for a while. 10 minutes is far too much time with that show, though. Good for you for sticking with it! But I’m tellin’ ya, get her hooked on Paw Patrol. It’ll change your life! lol…good luck! And thanks for stopping by!

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