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A Mustache and a Creeper

I’m sure you’ve all been dying to know how the Cub Scout Cake Auction went. It went pretty good. Despite my pouting about the perfectionistas on Pinterest, I actually found a couple cakes I could manage.

Tommy wanted a cake to show his real passion in life. Minecraft. Have you seen this game? It’s the worst! It’s so stupid! I hate it so so so so much.  You just walk around, cutting down trees and building things, blow up what you just built and kill some cows for their meat and then night comes and things are breathing hard and screaming at you.  It’s exactly what I imagine camping must be like. And my son, who in December had absolutely no desire to play video games, is now obsessed with it. Every day, can I play Minecraft? Is it Minecraft time yet? Logan showed me something cool to do on Minecraft, can I play Minecraft? It didn’t take me long to use this to my advantage.

“Can I play Minecraft?”

“After you scrub the tub.”


“And sweep the floors.”


“Mop the kitchen?”


“Do our taxes?”

“On it!”

My house has never been cleaner and we’re getting $45,000 back on our taxes. I love Minecraft!

Anyways, here’s our Minecraft cake.

February 2014 164If you haven’t seen Minecraft, I’ll tell ya, that is LITERALLY what the Creeper guy looks like. We’re talking 1970’s Atari graphics, people. It’s bad. So Bad.

Anyways, my husband, the Cub Master, was originally going to do this…

My son's Cub Scout Pack will hold their annual cake auction during their Blue & Gold banquet this weekend. As a family we are to create a cake for the auction. It's a fund raising event for their pack. Since I'm not much of a baker (though I can made some killer brownies!) we made a candy bar cake!

Then we discovered, it’s gonna cost like $100 to put this bad boy together. The little round styrofoam thingy’s cost about $19 a piece. Had we started this project a little earlier, perhaps we would have come up with an alternative, but we didn’t so this got moved to the “maybe next year” idea box.

So we did this…

February 2014 171

The mustache cake! We thought it was pretty fitting since my husband decided to grow out his facial hair this winter.  It actually wasn’t hard at all to put together.  So yay for us!

February 2014 177A bunch of our Cake Auction Cakes.

I have no idea how much the cakes sold for in the auction. I was helping to emcee and not really paying attention as they sold. BUT, I will say our parents and scouts really outdid themselves. We had 34 awesome cakes (and brownies cause we’re not picky), and collected $1500 in sales and donations!!!  That’s crazy!

More importantly, I had a really nice time putting these together with my boys. Tommy did most the M&M’s on his cake. I was pleased to see he shares his mother’s aggravation with lining things up perfectly! And it was even more fun watching Steven ice his cake. He can sit in the same position for hours  hooking up some electrical thing to another electrical thing, but icing a cake? “This is so hard!” What an adorable butt-head.

Honestly, can’t wait til next year’s Cake Auction. It’s gonna be Sweet!


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