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Tossed, A Salad Story


Can we just talk about salads for a minute? Only because I’m irritated at the current state of mine and I feel not only I, but the entire blogosphere, should be in an uproar over the whole damn thing! LET’S TAKE A STAND, PEOPLE!

Why do restaurants feel the need to keep all the salad toppings separated on the salad.”

“Oh let’s put the tomatoes over here and bacon on the left, eggs on the bottom, and a huge pile of cheese right in the middle. OH! And let’s fill the bowl so high with lettuce that when a person goes to mix all these ingredients together, they fly off all over her only clean t-shirt and just-swept floor and her dog gobbles them up before she can scoop them back into the bowl.”

Seriously, if I wanted to have to mix my own salad I would just make my own salad.

Actually, that’s kind of a lie. My salads always end up tasting like dirty vegetables.

But come on, restaurant people! I’m a mom. I have to cut  up 6 meals everyday for my 3 children AND sometimes for my husband, too!  And now I have to mix my own salad that I paid too much money for? Just mix it. Please? For the sake of busy hungry women everywhere  who don’t wanna smell doggy egg fart all day! Just mix the salad for me.

I’m sorry for whining, but it had to be said. Don’t make me start a Facebook page!

Thank you.


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