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A Picture’s Worth a Few Sarcastic Words

So even though Easter is basically long forgotten, I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures of this joyous time.  Consider it my Throwback Thursday…only we’re not really throwing back all that long ago. Enjoy!

April 2014 146

Yeah, you see that face? It says everything that needs to be said about my feelings this year.

April 2014 153

And this one seems to sum up Tommy’s feeling.

April 2014 202

“What!? Which on of you jackweeds put pennies in the eggs?”

April 2014 209

“Hey lady. You gonna eat that chocolate bunny?”

April 2014 174

“I love you, Mom!”

April 2014 181

“I hate you! Stop taking my picture!”

April 2014 178

 I really wish I could remember what his normal face looks like.

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