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Yay! Adult Movie Night!

Steven chose Zero Dark Thirty for movie night based on the facts that neither of us has seen it and it’s been sitting in the DVR for 3 months. Not my first choice, but who cares? It’s adult movie night and we can watch violence and sex and all sorts of bad things! Yay!


Holy Hell. I think I hate adult movie night. I’m gonna have to watch fucking Frozen before I go to bed.



5 thoughts on “Yay! Adult Movie Night!

  1. I saw this in the theatre and hysterically bawled all the way through it…and for an hour straight afterward. My friend who saw it with me seemed mortified at my emotions, but oh lord. I had to watch There’s Something About Mary three times in a row after seeing Zero Dark Thirty, so I understand.

    1. haha! That kinda sounds like us. All my husband could talk about was how cool the helicopters were, while I was just freaked out! Glad I’m not the only sobber out there!

  2. Hmmm this is one I have not seen yet, I’m ultra curious now, but even more cautious.. I hate watching movies that make me feel like crap.

    #Adds to watch list anyway

    I’ll keep you posted!


    1. Yes, let me know! Most the women I’ve spoken to were mortified. It was directed by a woman so that makes it all the more interesting, but still…watch with your hands cupped around your eyes. It’ll help!

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