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What’s Up?

Not a lot has been going on.

Yesterday, the kids saved a 3-legged toad in the backyard (he was also 2 toes shy of a full set). Tommy dropped him on his head a few times, Laurie squeezed him so tight he peed all over her, and Jack poked him in the eye while screaming, “BABY!”. Boy, I bet he’s happy at this 2nd chance at life.

My husband took on a swarm of bees because he’s an idiot because they figured out how to get in the house. I don’t think any of us are allergic, but I do know we all hate searing itchy pain, so, glad that’s taken care of. Thanks, babe!

Me? I’m just ducky. Here’s something I found on another blog that I stopped to read, but didn’t bother to write down the name of. It was a very stylish blog with a beautiful mom talking about her beautiful life, family, kids. That might be why I didn’t jot down the name. Stupid beautiful people. Nice blog, though. Which isn’t fair. But anyways, here’s a wrap-up of my day today…


room for my brother. He’s coming home this week and asked if he and his girlfriend could stay with us. YES! You guys stay and Steven and I will get a hotel room!


zucchini pancakes for dinner tonight. This doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be a disaster, does it?


in the sweet sweet sound of my children screaming at each other. “DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!” “I WANT TO PLAY TOO!” “GO AWAY! YOU TOUCH YOUR BUTT!” “SO DO YOU!’ “SHUT UP!” “YOU RUINED MY LIFE!” “I HATE YOU!” “I’M TELLING MOM!” 


Reading? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Maybe tomorrow I’ll pick something up. Ask me then.


it to be Autumn.

November 2013 198best day ever


Sonic and All Stars Racing. Well…in a little bit. I promised Tommy some serious game time.


time on this blog. There’s so much to do tonight, but procrastination is just too delicious.


the sudden silence from the other room. My kids must have been kidnapped!


for Steven to get home from work. It’s my favorite time of the day.  (tied with when he gets the hell outta my bed so I can stretch out!)


the pen I stole from the bank. ACCIDENTALLY stole from the bank.


why the hell the children are being so damn quiet. Something’s not right.


the Sam Smith playlist on Pandora. Sexy, sexy.


at…nothing. But the day is young!


to get started on those zucchini pancakes in a little bit.


lavender oil. I just put some on a mosquito bite.


a purple shirt.


nothing for sure.


I better go check on this kids…

all is well. They are playing with Jack. God bless you my little babysitters.


the box delivered to my house today was exhilarating. Dear God, when did buying a cardigan become the highlight of my day?!


when Tommy does his impression of LSP from Adventure Time. He’s so funny!


pretty good. Thanks for asking.

And thanks for stopping by. Have a nice weekend.


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