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Bad Guys and Baaaad Guys

This weekend Tommy and I watched about the last hour or so of The Return of Superman on t.v. I’m not sure how many Superman movies there are so I’ll just clarify that it’s the one with Kevin Spacey.

Not shocking at all was that Tommy pretty much cheered for Lex Luthor the whole time. He started off with, “Are you kidding me?” (This is when Lex Luthor was surrounded by Kryptonite and Superman’s just laying there getting the crap kicked out him.) “I thought Superman was supposed to be cool. This guy blows!” Then it quickly escalated to, “I hope the bald guy wins.”

Now, I probably should have used this as a teaching moment. Maybe explained to him that Lex Luthor is basically evil and selfish and so we cheer for Superman because he stands for all the good of the world. But, honestly, I’ve never actually watched an entire Superman movie, so who am I to judge? I hate to speak ill of someone I hardly know. As far as I could tell Lex Luthor seems like a smart, mildly good-looking, business man who knows what he wants and he goes for it. Why should I discourage my son from these traits? And yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and say it, he might just be misunderstood. It’s not like he’s got some super powers like flying and x-ray vision to fall back on. Lex has gotta go it alone with just his brains and, I’m gonna venture to say, street smarts. So I kinda get it if he gets a little pissed that some super-stud in a cape is stealing some of his thunder. And do we really know about his childhood? I mean, some of your probably do, but I don’t. Was he neglected? Socially awkward? Abused? Stood up at prom? These can all be the cause of his mostly shitty personality. Maybe the guy just needs a hug. Did you ever think of that? It’s amazing how much better I feel after a hug! Then again, I’ve never actually tried to kill a person. Maybe he needs someone to slip him some Zoloft in his pocket during one of those helpful hugs.

Anyways, we didn’t finish the movie so I have no idea how it ended. I got up and changed over a load of laundry, and Tommy created a “toxic bacteria” and then tried to find a map of our city’s sewer system online. Oh that crazy kid. He’s so smart!

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