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Writing 101: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What jumps out at you? Start there, and try a twist: write in the form of a letter.

I picked up Charlotte’s Webb and googled my word for some inspiration. I found this song and wrote while it played. I think you might enjoy listening to it while reading my post. Thanks for stopping by

Dear You,

Lying in bed at night does not bring me peace like it seems to do so many others. I am haunted by you. By the memory of us. I think of your faded smile and the way your fingers would skim across my skin. I can smell the faint fragrance of you hair. And I can hear the sweet song in the back of your throat, humming, humming, humming, a psalm I will forever keep in my heart. I know that what I’m feeling and thinking is mostly a lie. I know it was not always so pure and soft. But, I cannot pull the thought of you out of my head.  You make yourself comfortable and charm me all over, bewitching the truths I try to tell myself. Was it really so bad? Cause when it was good, it was magic.  It felt more substantial than any other love, but maybe that was just the trickery of your cruel heart. It pains me to hate you. It pains me even more to love you, still. But I can’t help it. I can’t stop. I can’t let go. And I won’t. One day I know you’re going to think back to this enchanting dream and search for the same clues I have already passed by. One day you’ll search for the angel, the savior, the prince, but you won’t find them.

You’ll find me,



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