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What I Did on my Winter Vacation



First,  I want to say that I have not been away on purpose. My computer sort of melted on me. I believe it’s because I’m so hot.

And Second, I’ve missed you! I’ve missed you and I missed typing. That’s a weird thing to miss, but I did.

So…back in November, my husband and I decided that after 10 years of building a life together, the way we should celebrate that life was to get the hell away from it! So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Hocking. Hills that is. Hiking trails. Seeing Stars.

Well, we didn’t move there, but we did spend an amazing, childless weekend there. While the rest of the world was getting trampled to death for a sale on video games on Black Friday, we were hiking and zip-lining and eating barbecue that was probably prepared by someone named Bubba. We also discovered that sitting in a hot tub on a freezing cold night is one of the greatest things in the world. I miss it all, desperately. DSCN5564_edited-1

After that came Christmas. 2-year-old Jack was really into decorating the tree. Each day I’d find something new and weird that he chucked into it.

DSCN5624Jack believe’s the 3 wise men brought Jesus a necklace, so he could accessorize…


And of course Mary would need a bottle scrubber…


And a cupcake cause what’s a birthday party without cake!


Then Jesus, Mary, and Joseph flew off in their plane to see Santa Claus.


We did our annual Christmas card. I always try to do something a little different, and this year’s didn’t disappoint. It’s actually kinda edgy, and I was nervous about sending it out. But in the end it got lots of laughs, and it seemed most people understood I was coming from a place of fun.

001 002

On Christmas Eve. I got sick! Perhaps I was being punished for the card. Or perhaps Santa is a little hard of hearing, and thought I said, “icky flu” when I said, “Jimmy Choo”. Thank God I didn’t ask for weasels!

In January, my oldest turned 9…398

Super yummy doughnut tower. Much better than stupid birthday cake! Hint, hint, husband!

In February, my daughter lost her first tooth.


And today I am feeling better after my second round of the flu!

So far 2015 has been a pretty great year for our little household. I hope your 2015 is going well, too.

See you again soon!



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