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Photo 101-Water

When I think of water, I think of that half-frozen crap ruining the world as we know it. (That would be snow, in case you haven’t been paying attention.) Now, I could go outside right now and take some shots of some melted snow puddling up along the sidewalk, but I don’t feel like it. I have 2 sick kids and I’m still in my jammies and my coffee is still fairly hot. So today, is my cheat day. I went through and found a couple shots I took before and they fit the assignment pretty well, I think.

Not only is our theme ‘water’, but part of the challenge is to try the same shot both vertically and horizontally. Lucky for me, I tend to do this all the time anyways.

This first pic is a little waterfall my husband and I came across while hiking in Hocking Hills back in November. DSCN5583 Here it is again, but this time you get all the good stuff that goes with it (including my cute husbands. You  lucky dogs!).


Do you prefer one over the other?

Also, just for fun, when I think of water, I also think of this…March 2015 001Water: Proceed with Caution

That’s my oldest. He’s now 9. Yes, reading that makes me want to vomit. But this pictures makes me so happy.

Thanks for stopping by!


30 thoughts on “Photo 101-Water

  1. Silly me, I thought the waterfall was going to be horizontal in the second photo. Time to lay off the wine, I suppose. Hang in there. Surely spring will come soon.

      1. Knowing that you (like me) have a slightly skewed way of looking at things I was a little surprised that you were so normal. Just don’t make it a habit.

  2. I prefer the first one – it’s a great shot. Imo the waterfall gets a bit lost in the horizontal photo.
    The pic of your son is adorable 🙂

  3. Beautiful shots. I especially love the first one but I am partial to photos without people for some reason. 😦 I am trying to learn to photograph people, I find it difficult. I am enjoying this class and should take along a great deal of knowledge. Hope you’re having fun with it too!

    1. I am having fun, thanks! And I agree with you, I think, that nature photos should be peopleless (I think I made up that word). Had I actually taken the picture for this specific assignment, I would have left him out. 🙂

  4. I like the first photo better than second one, since the waterfall seems closer and clearer. However, the third photo is the cutest! 🙂

    1. awe, thanks WagginMaster! So far it’s first picture 100, 2nd picture 0. I’m beginning to fear I’m the only one who enjoys looking at my husband. 😉 Actually, I like the whole pool and the log in the 2nd photo, but the photo of the waterfall alone is very calming, I think. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I can see why you would do both shots as I love the waterfall but also enjoy seeing the whole scene. Including of course, your cute husband (I couldn’t actually see anything but his back but I am sure he is; as you say, cute. But the really cute one is your son. Beautiful photos

  6. Nice pre-assignment work, Rachel! 🙂 I prefer the horizontal shot, seeing the whole picture. A guest performance from your hubby is cool. Your little one in the snorkel gear is pretty darn nice, too. I’m with you on this one today. I’m not going to venture outdoors for dripping ice as water, either. I have some other ideas. I’ll post after I get done with other work. See you later, fellow cold clime friend.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Mark. I do like the waterfall pic, but as a collection, I prefer the horizontal one. I have a bunch of photos of trees and puddles and all the stuff, so I had to include some with people in them. Otherwise, years and years from now, my great great grand children will be looking through my photo albums and thinking, “Wow, Grandma spent a lot of time alone in the woods. No wonder she went bat-shit crazy in the end!” And, call me crazy, but that’s not the way I wanna be remembered! 🙂

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