Bacon Wrapped Pizza and Other Delicacies 

I’m not a huge lover of poetry, but Bacon Poetry? Yes, please! Written by the super-talented Praying for Eyebrowz, I give you the best bacon themed poem I have ever read (and a lot of her non-bacon related stuff is pretty good, too! Check out her website!)

Praying for Eyebrowz

Bacon on a sandwich,
Or alone on a plate.
Bacon with tomato
Wouldn’t that be great?
Bacon wrapped around
A nicely grilled filet or
Tucked inside a fluffy quiche
I could go for it that way.
Bacon served with eggs,
Poached or maybe fried.
Bacon-wrapped asparagus,
You’ll be so glad you tried.
Bacon for breakfast,
Dinner or lunch
Bacon’s even perfect at a
Fancy ladies’ brunch
But today I saw an ad
That nearly blew my mind:
Pizza wrapped in bacon
A truly monumental find!
Alas, I’m on a diet and
Can have no bacon at all
Except for one named Kevin,
And he’s not answering my call.

Peace, People!

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