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Photo 101-Big!


This is our BIG fish, lovingly named by our children, Red X.

March 2015 033

In the evenings, after the children have been threatened for the last time to keep their asses in bed or else  fallen asleep, Steven and I will cuddle on the sofa in our den and watch Red X and his roommates swim around. It’s an amazing way to relax after dealing with rotten children   a long stressful day.

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P.S. Our other fish in this tank are nocturnal and hiding under rocks during this photoshoot. Red X doesn’t seem to mind having most of the place to himself, though.

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9 thoughts on “Photo 101-Big!

  1. Nice to meet Red X. When my girls were little we had pets…fish. I was in the kitchen doing dishes when my youngest asked me to come into the living room (where the aquarium was). She was soo pleased with herself as she had given the fish all a bath and the bubbles were all over. Nope the fish did not survive, YES ! she did but has never forgotten how traumatized she was when she realized what she had done.

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