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Photo 101, A Pop of Color

I was feeling quite uninspired with my search for a pop of color. Despite being at the very cusp of Spring, the world is dull and brown and not very colorful. Nope, not even pops of colorful. I walked around the backyard thinking I might spy something in the yard. And I did.

A pop of trash.

March 2015 008

Not very inspiring.

And it’s not just the world outside, it’s inside too. Today I noticed I had put on all blue. Blue shirt, blue jeans, blue shoes. It wasn’t even planned. Just my brain being lazy I guess. I did put on a necklace that sparkled so I tried to capture the pops of pink that the sun picked up.

March 2015 011

It didn’t work out too well.

After that, I put the camera away and just went about my business. Why bother when I’m in such a meh mood.

But then, as they usually do, my kids brought inspiration. Or at least one kid tonight. My darling little girl likes to choose her own outfits, and I’m cool with that. As long as we’re not going out somewhere important, she can wear what she chooses. We are out the princess dress phase and into the…well…I don’t know what the hell phase this is…

March 2015 023
“Do I have to just stand here and smile?” “No, do what you want.” So she did. πŸ™‚


…but, it’s definitely a Pop of Color! Thank goodness for small wonders, eh?


11 thoughts on “Photo 101, A Pop of Color

  1. Good job! I never did find my pop of color today. I think I would have found one if the Day 11 assignment were about two weeks later.

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