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Photo 101, Moment and Motion

I get to stay home with my kids.

I get to watch them have new experiences.

I get to play with them and learn with them.

I get to hug them whenever I like.

I get to be silly with them.

I get to watch the same cartoon a hundred thousand times with them.

I get to threaten them to stop fighting with each other, or else.

I get to scream at them to do their chores.

I get to help them with their Common Core homework until I sob.

I get to hear how awful of a chef I am.

I get to answer questions like, ‘Mommy, why is your butt so big?”

I get a lot of fucking moments with my kids, is what I’m trying to say. And I cherish them. Most of them. I do. But for this photo, I thought I’d do one of those rare child-free mommy moments. Tonight when the hubs got home from work, I took off. Not in a bat out of hell sort of way, but just, “Oh, I gotta return some stuff. I’ll be back”kind of way. I got in my car, cranked up my newest favorite song, and took off. It was wonderful. And my picture’s not too bad either.

Nice night for a drive.
Nice night for a drive.

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