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Photo 101, Glass

Before I get to today’s theme I just want to say, I TOLD YOU SO! In my very first photo 101 post, I talked about Home in Ohio. I made a prediction in that post and it came true.


Luckily, It wasn’t much snow, but still, the world wept. Or maybe just Ohio wept. Either way, I was right and now I feel like a freaking super-star. (Or possibly just someone who has lived in Ohio all her life.)

Anyways, let’s move on…

Pretty in Purple
Pretty in Purple

The prism. It was a gift to my grandmother who gave it back to me before she passed. I spent a lot of time in her kitchen with the warm sun on my face and rainbows on my bare legs.

This picture, sadly, does not reflect any of that, because today the sun is being a butt! I had to take this with the flash and then add the little bit of color in editing. It’s pretty, but not what I was hoping to capture with this theme. I will definitely return to this subject on a happier, sunnier, lovelier day.

In the meantime, I hope your day is full of rainbows.


5 thoughts on “Photo 101, Glass

  1. But it is a beautiful color and a nice story. We like Ohio had some snow and apparently may have a bit more. Not a happy camper about it. Blah

  2. This prism may not live up to your memories of the rainbows on your bare legs in grandma’s kitchen, Rachel — what could match that lovely vision? — but on its own, it’s a rather grand vision for our lesson today. What your flash and editing convey is an orb that’s holding the light totally within, like an eerie gas with no place to escape. It’s rather interesting. My take.

    If I may pass along a life thought: Never let the competition know you think you could have done better than you did. No grumbling about a very good picture, in other words. 😉 I’ll still be happy when you show us that great one when the sun shines through it and splashes the rainbow on your bare legs.

    1. Are we competing? I thought we were all good chums. Either way, I like your take my photo. When I become a famous photographer and have my first show in New York, I’ll use your story instead of my gumbling. Though, I should let you know, I have no aspirations of being a famous photographer so…yeah…:)

      1. We’re not competing, no siree. I was thinking more in lines of realizing you have a great picture, don’t taint the moment by lamenting that it isn’t the greater photo that you imagined. I thought to a story my best friend told me growing up when we were playing golf and I grumbled about a golf shot and he told me to always make them think you hit exactly the shot you wanted. That’s all, my friend Rachel. 🙂 Sometimes I take flights of flancy in my comments. You get that more and more, right? So … yeah? Cool??

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