Photo 101, Double and Triumph

I was struggling with these last two themes in the Photo101 University. Double’s just don’t seem to exist in my life and when it came to triumph, I couldn’t get my head past that awesome last shot of John Bender with his fist in the air at the end of The Breakfast Club. How can you catch that in regular everyday life?

But, I found them both this weekend.

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know my husband and I are into scouting. He’s and Eagle scout and our current Cub Master.  And I am his reluctant 2nd assistant. Yes, it’s a big job that requires 2 assistants as we have close to 50 boys in our Pack now.

Once a year, our district has an awards dinner. There’s lots of laughs and good food and non-alcoholic drinks (no drinking while uniform), but who really needs alcohol in a room full of scouters? Don’t answer that.

My favorite thing about these dinners is meeting the people who have been in scouts for a long time, some as many as 50 years!  These people are true volunteers, something the world is short of, in my opinion. And when they’re giving advice or telling their stories, you feel their love and passion for the program. It’s pretty inspiring for newbies like us.

This year, Steven was given the Spark Plug Award for uniting a spark within his unit. And we both received the Couples Award for, well, basically being a kick-ass married couple.


March 2015 092

This was a surprise to both of us. And instead of having a Bender Breakfast Club moment with our fist in the air, it was more of a humbled “oh” moment. When you do something just for the kids and because you truly believe in the scouting program, you don’t think about awards. So when it happens, its pretty surprising.  But it feels really good knowing that the other scouters in your unit see the work you put into it and think you’re doing a good enough job to nominate you.

Scouts, especially in the case of Cub Masters, is almost like a 2nd full-time job. A lot of people don’t realize that. We have spent quite a few ‘date nights’ getting things prepared for the following year or the next Pack meeting or the next big scout event. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Sometimes we fight about it. Sometimes we want to quit because of uninvolved parents that like to do nothing but complain. But ALL of the time, we are rejuvenated by the boys in our Pack. We are reminded that they are why we are doing this. It’s not for the badges or belt loops or district awards or even for the great friendships we’ve gained through the program. It’s for the kids.

And that’s about it.


2 thoughts on “Photo 101, Double and Triumph

  1. Congratulations and bravo for building a foundation for your community and our future by helping these young men, Rachel and Steven. Thank you. And it’s great to hear that you were rewarded with the two plaques this year, too. Double your pleasure!

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