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E is for Easter Ejection

Last night before bed I popped onto Facebook. Nearly every friend I have had posted a picture of them and their family in their Easter best. Either before church or before dinner they gathered in each others arms; one big glorious pastel ball of love, and took the sweetest photo.

I, however, did not. I, someone who loves to take pictures, someone who rarely sees her husband wear certain shades of blue, someone who thought she looked pretty damn cute yesterday, completely and totally forgot to take a picture of her family.

Take away my mom-card! Take away my photo-badge! I am a failure.

The only photo I took of anyone in my immediate family (minus the shots of my kids running around collecting Easter Eggs) was this…

April 2015 054
Evil Easter Bunny impressions. Yep, that’s how we roll.

Oh well. It sums up my life better than any staged photo I could’ve taken. And it makes me laugh…hard. Can’t beat that!

Hope you all had a happy Easter!


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