F is for Fright

I could put the vacuum away. Or rather, I should put it away. I mean, it’s only been sitting outside the closet for the past day now. It would not be very hard to open the closet door and push the vacuum to its designated area. This is not a time consuming or monumental undertaking. And yet, it seems to be something that I just cannot accomplish today. I’ve just been too preoccupied with other things and I’m afraid putting the vacuum away would be too much of a distraction and I’d lose my train of thought and not get my more pressing tasks completed.

And because I cannot be bothered to put the vacuum away, I have given myself nearly 17 heart-attacks today. It’s amazing how much a vacuum can resemble a demon-ghost-baby when you’re just passing through the room. What’s worse is, I know the vacuum is there. I’ve said to myself, more than once, “I need to put the vacuum away.” But that’s been after I thought it was a demon-ghost-baby and so I just walk away, shaking my head at my own lunacy. But it gets me every freakin’ time!

I don’t blame myself. Or the vacuum. I blame my damn peripheral vision.


2 thoughts on “F is for Fright

  1. And the amazing imagination of a great writer….
    I always leave my vacuum out for a couple of days after using it, so Studly will say, “hey, you cleaned today!” Heck,sometimes I just pull it out of the closet and never actually vacuum.

  2. Ah, yeah. I do this with about everything in my life. “I should email so and so back.” “I should really study for that test.” “I should really get an oil change.”

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