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S is for So,This Happened


Some asshole got a hold of my credit card number. This has happened before, a long long time ago, but this time it was especially painful because I had literally just watched the movie Identity Thief. It’s  a fun movie. Not to mention, I’m secretly (not so secretly) in love with Jason Bateman, and I think Melissa McCarthy would be my bestie if she had any idea who I was. The movie is way way funnier than actually having <insert credit card company> call you and say, “Hey, did you just spend $800 on Itunes?”

“What? NO!”

“And did you recently buy 2 plane tickets through Jet Blue at $1000?”

“Oh, well that explains why they needed to order all that music. No, I did not.”

“Have you recently made purchases at a big fish and outdoor supplier?”

“Who the hell is this person? No, I did not.”

“And finally, did you recently place an order for Dominoes totaling $31.50?”

“What kind of sick fu…no, I didn’t. And it disgusts me that someone would use my card and my name for something so grotesque.”

The<insert credit card company> operator took care of all the charges, cancelled my account, and shipped me out a new card. Besides being associated with Dominoes, it was pretty painless.

Dominoes Customer


I should say, painless until I was bored the other night and tried to buy a new book  before my new credit card arrived. DENIED! And then again when I heard that new song from The Weekend and tried to buy it from Itunes. STILL DENIED, DUMMY!

I got my new card today and I gotta say, I feel whole again. Probably not as whole as that douche bag enjoying a fishing expedition in the Philipines, but, ya know…whole.

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17 thoughts on “S is for So,This Happened

  1. I’ve had that happen to me several times, although not nearly to the degree that your thief went. I’m surprised the card company didn’t contact you when some of the earlier transactions were made.

    1. They must have purchased all this stuff “after business hours” cause the card company called me about 8:30 in the morning. Glad they waited. I’d have been madder had they waken me from my beauty sleep! 😉

    1. I’m not sure what the card company is gonna do to catch this person, but my part is done. They credited my accounts back so I’m good to go. I hope they catch them though!

  2. Doood! I didn’t know JetBlue flew to the Philippines! Awesome!!
    But seriously, sorry to hear of your troubles. That’s awful, let’s hope the farquaads get what’s coming to them one day soon!

    1. lol, well I didn’t exactly check. I just know if I was gonna spend money with someone else’s card, that might be where I go. Wherever they ended up…I hope they get Ebola! (That’s not nice. I feel bad for saying that.) What I mean is, I hope they get the stomach flu and a nasty case of crabs!

  3. When I lived in Georgia, someone used my debit card to put fuel in a large vehicle and buy a slushie. In Montreal. My bank caught it.
    I remember hating the tiny 3-day period, as I barely had any cash and felt weird charging small purchases :/

  4. They could have dined on Papa John’s and they go with Domino’s. And rumor has it the airline tickets were roundtrip to and back from Hawaii on the same day, Rachel! Yeah, nice play, Shakespeare with this theft.

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