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T is for Tracks

I would be willing to bet that when most people hear a 2-year-old say the words ‘tracks’ they don’t think that he’s talking about dog pee. Oh how I wish that was the case at my house!

We have a 14-year-old Beagle. Cody was basically my first kid and now that he’s getting up in age (is that 98 in dog years?) he’s basically my first elderly patient. He needs his exercise and his rest. We gotta watch his diet and monitor the people-food the kids sneak to him. And now we have to give him a special medicine to tighten his sphincter. Doesn’t growing old sound grand?

It started a few months ago. He’d be walking along, right as rain, when all of a sudden he’d just pee. No going to the door (which was the norm), no hiking of the leg, just walkin’ and pissin’ all over my carpet.

That’s when our little Jack noticed Cody makes tracks.

The boy is obsessed with trains. So for weeks when he’d come up and urgently say to me, “Ma! Ma! Tracks!” I’d say, “You wanna watch Thomas?”

This was extremely frustrating for me, but I can only imagine how frustrating it was for Jack. All he wanted to do was warn his ma that the dog peed. Not only did I not get it, but then I would walk right through the damn mess while looking for some trains!

April 2015 001

But one day, I did, finally, get it.

He ran into the office, where I was probably working on my blog, and yelled, “Ma! Codeee bad!”

He then grabbed my hand and forced me out of my chair.  This time, he wasn’t about to let me throw some trains in his face and call it a day. At the scene of the crime he stoutly threw his hands down and yelled at the long trail of tinkle, “Cody. Bad. Tracks. Blech!”

We definitely understood each other.

Jack is a pretty good little wiz-watcher, but the best part is how upset he gets when he comes across a mess. “Oh no! Tracks!” he’ll wail. But then he helps me clean it up and spray the vinegar mixture over it. He’ll then announce, “All done!” like a little conductor. I should buy him some bibs and a cap. It’s really cute.

Well, cute until company comes over. Then it’s probably just weird.


4 thoughts on “T is for Tracks

  1. Not only does he eat in a way that I favor, but he turns his nose up at indoor dog tracks, too, Rachel. Jack rocks in my book. I like the way he conducts this little exercise. On the other hand, poor Cody. He’s just living his dog’s life, minding his business, and the next thing he knows he needs canine Depends. It’ll happen to us, too, eventually. Not canine. But if they’re less expensive and fit …

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