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W is for WeLl, tHAt waS wEiRd

It’s 1:12 a.m. and I just finished watching the movie Tusk. I’m having one of those nights where you’re exhausted, but still can’t manage to sleep. I thought this movie would help. It didn’t. It was weird. And I really loved it.

It stars Justin Long and grown-up Haley Joel Osment and Johnny Depp. Though, I didn’t realize that was Johnny Depp until I went on to find out how to spell Haley Joel Osment. Also on are all these horrible reviews. Everyone hates this movie. Okay, it’s not a fantastic movie, but it’s not baaaad. It’s bad in the good way. Though, I suppose if I had actually paid money to see it, I wouldn’t have liked it as much. But I liked it.

I don’t want to say too much about the actual plot. I watched it having absolutely no idea what it was about, and that made it super enjoyable. I was going to post the trailer for it, but even that gives too much away. Let’s just say it’s a weird little horror film to enjoy when there’s nothing else on t.v.  Just watch it. It’s available for free on Amazon Prime. It’s probably available for free in other places. It’s fun. Just watch it.

Here’s some other weird movies, if that’s your thing…

“Breakin'” – 1984 movie about how Break dancing can break the barriers between race and friendship.


“The Room” –  Really unbelievably awful story about how love can drive a person insane…among other things.

And 1 more

Carnage (or Quiltface) – It’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre done on an even tighter budget.

However, if you’re lookin’ for a weird fix right away, watch this video instead. It makes me happy in a weird weird way.

Act-i-vate it!

That’s about all I can handle right now. Good night (or good morning), weirdos!


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