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Not Your Average Bubble

I am truly thankful for those lovely spring mornings when the sun is just warm enough so you don’t need a jacket.  They’re the perfect mornings to get my kids outside, even if it’s just to the backyard.

Yesterday, I opened the door and took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet smell of my neighbors freshly cut grass and said, “It’s gonna be a great day, Chickens.” (I call my kids chickens. It came out of my mouth one day and has stuck. They don’t seem to mind.)

They agreed (for once!), and came running out the door only pausing long enough to snatch up the new bubbles.  Jack got them for his birthday from his Aunt Becky and all the kids have gone crazy for them.

I should mention, these are not just ordinary bubbles, either. These are Big-Kid Bubbles.

May 2015 101

This generation does not dip a sticky wand into a sticky bottle and blow with their own breath! That’s the old fashion way! This generation dips sticky guns and sticky blowers into a container of sticky solution and lets the machine do all the work.

May 2015 107

It really doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as our good old fashion way, if you ask me. You used have to have some sort of talent and skill to blow bubbles back in my day! If you wanted a great big huge one, you practiced breathing techniques in your backyard until you nearly passed out!

May 2015 083

Now any ol’ Joe or Jonie can do it. Though I’ll admit, no Joe or Jonie I grew up with could do one as good as that machine.

Not only are the bubbles bigger, but there’s a lot more of them. I remember last summer blowing bubbles at the kids. I’d get about 7 or so little ones with one breathe. These machines they use now…you can’t even keep count!

May 2015 065

One thing has stayed the same though and that’s the fun. My lil’ chickens had a blast all morning long.

May 2015 091

And I got a couple cool shots, too.



May 2015 069

After awhile, the kids got a little too sticky so I snatched them up before they could sneak into the sandbox and turn into granola bars! I washed everything up while they ate lunch and we discussed going back out later on. The sky turned dark, though, before we had a chance, and even though the rain never came down hard, we stayed in the rest of the day.

It wasn’t much…just a couple hours in the sun…but we had a blast and I’m glad we made it out on this perfect spring morning.

May 2015 078
Thanks for the memories, Aunt Becky!!!

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3 thoughts on “Not Your Average Bubble

  1. I am bubbling with enthusiasm over your great morning, Rachel. My old-fashioned way, I would go for the slow breath, trying to get the biggest bubble possible without it bursting before sending it up and on its way. Also fun was quickly reloading the wand from the bottle, catching the bubble from the air, and blowing again for a double or even triple bubble. Memories!

    These new machines look awesome. How soon before your Chickens figure out a way to enclose themselves inside the bubbles? Just sayin’.

    1. I don’t know about an ‘enclosed’ bubble, but we’ve done the ‘body’ bubble using a hula hoop. It wasn’t great, but they thought it was cool. Those machines are cool, but I’ll tell ya, after just 3 days of play, the engines are burning up fast. I may have to buy a few more next month. (In the long run it’ll probably be cheaper to buy a pool…at least that’s what I’m going to tell my husband. 🙂 )

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