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Hurts So Good

It’s early in summer break, actually today is only day 3, but man am I feeling it!

My eyes are tired from looking at this messy house, but my mouth just cannot bring itself to scream, “PICK UP THE TOYS!” one more time.

My hands are dry and cracked from constantly pulling the plug out of the sink. Who keeps filling the sink up and just leaving it!?!?

I can’t quite hear out of my left ear anymore. Every game has to end with someone screaming bloody murder.

My back is stiff and sore. But, that’s what I get for expecting that I’d be one of the cowboys when they asked if I could play Ultimate Cow Herders.

My stomach is upset because as the children run from one room to another to another to another, they continuously plow into me. “Oh, sorry Mom.”

My foot hurts for the very same reason.

My arms feel like jelly because as much as they run into me, they run in to each other twice as much, and then they need extra large super Mom hugs.

My heart is aching because having everyone all together creates almost too much happiness for me to bear!

But that ache is quickly replaced by one in my head because the children…well…because the children…

Happy Summer, everyone! And good luck!


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