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One Liners. One More.

I imagine Mark Bialczak as a really fantastic party host. You walk through the door, and he greets you as if he’s been waiting all night for your arrival. He chats you up and laughs at your jokes and has some zingers of his own. And when someone else comes to his door, he asks, “Have you met so-and-so. You have to meet so-and-so. Let me introduce you.” And while you’re talking to so-and-so, you’re thinking, “I freakin’ love so-and-so! How did Mark know I would love them? He is so great!” And you truly enjoy his party because not only is so-and-so fantastic, but so is everyone else you meet. And the music is great! And the food is amazing! And when the party is over and he says “Let’s get together soon.” he means it! He freakin’ means it!

I dunno, I guess you just gotta meet him. Here’s his blog. Go say hello.

Anyways, I’m writing about Mr. Bialczak because he recently challenged me to the 1-liner’s experience.

Here’s the rules.

1. Write one line in the ongoing story, in italics.
2. Pass the challenge onto the next victim/Nominee.
3. Link back to your nominator.
4. Link back to Me, Waffles, if you could please, this could be very interesting.
5. Copy and paste all the previous story and add your line.

And the story goes …

It was a warm sunny day and sea was an almost transparent shade of blue.
I lay there, watching the waves lap on the shore, a drink in hand, a tear rolling down my cheek.
I stand up yelling at that boy who threw this load of sand into my eyes and my drink when he jumped over me.
I then grabbed my water gun, running fast after him, I was laughing, he was jumping over people to escape. He turned to look at me, but didn’t see the two children in front of him carrying two delicious looking ice cream cones.
As he barreled into the children, knocking the ice-cream from their grasp, I caught one of the scoops of pistachio and hurled it at his head as I fell laughing to the ground!
And what luck, his mouth was open and he gulped down the scoop, spitting nuts rapid-fire style like a rabid squirrel! And wouldn’t you know it, a squirrel leaped from a nearby tree, performing a flying maneuver worthy of the best traveling circus family, catching the nuts in his mouth in mid-air!!

It was all too fantastical and I wondered for a moment if I’d forgotten to take my medication earlier…or perhaps I took too much!

I’m going to nominate fattymccupcakes because I just started following her blog and I think she’s fun. And she brings up a great question. Is it okay to borrow 1 Oreo from a neighbor? This seems like it needs debated. Good luck, lady!

Anyways, here are the links I promised to share.

Wafflemethis who started it all

Ididn’thavemyglasseson who nominated Mark

And Mark…who has enough links on this post, but here’s one more.


14 thoughts on “One Liners. One More.

  1. I love your addition, Rachel. Just the right amount! 🙂 Your praise, however, may have been over the top … Thanks nevertheless. Now please don’t go to spam, comment, dagnabbit!

    1. I know! So here’s what we gotta do…someone’s gotta get his address and we’ll plan the party and then we’ll all just show up. He’s got a lot of blogger-friends though so we may have to make this a potluck. 🙂

      1. Thanks Rachel I’m hoping everyone pings back then I can do a weekly post of how the stories going. And who contributed that week😊

    1. Okay, there might be other ways to do this, but I’ll tell you how I do it. While you’re editing, click and highlight the words you want to tag. Then there’s a little thing that looks kinda like a paperclip at the top of the tool box. Click on that and it will ask you for the address. put the blog address in there and hit save and that should do it. Let me know how it turns out.

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