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I’m Still Here…Yes, Here

Remember back in June when I was all, “hey everyone, we’re buying a big ol’ beautiful house!” And I was all excited and makin’ plans and painting rooms…remember that, loyal readers?

Yeah, well, forget all that cause my ass is still at home!

This is not where I planned to be on October 1st, but what did I expect? We decided early on that we were going to rip down the wall paper and paint in 5 rooms, remodel the downstairs bathroom, tear down the drop ceilings in 2 rooms, and get new carpet for 4. And no matter how many times my husband said, “This is gonna be a lot of work” I would just smile and say, “I know. You don’t think I know? Of course I know!”

I didn’t have a clue.

But, we keep on keepin’ on, as they say. The wallpaper has finally been removed from all the rooms (layers and layers, my friends. Thank God for steamers). And the family room is just waiting on a soft roll of fresh new carpet to be installed. There’s still lots of glue to scrub off the bedroom walls (does anyone have an easy solution for this? Water and scrubbing is THE WORST!), and of course more spackle, more sanding, more wiping off walls. It is tedious, but everyday I know we’re a little bit closer to the end.  Fingers crossed (and toes and legs and eyes) that we’re in by Thanksgiving. In the meantime, here’s a few photos.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve felt bad about ignoring my blog, but whenever I would sit down to write, a huge guilt complex would settle on my shoulders. “If you have time to write, you have time to pack or pick out paint colors or scrub walls. Get your ass up and do something productive!”

Why does my guilt complex have the same voice as my 9th grade English Lit teacher?

So how about you?  Have you remodeled a house before? Have any good tips for a newbie like me? Lord knows I could use’em!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you again soon.




15 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…Yes, Here

  1. UH, yeah, lol!
    We moved in here in August 2013. Initially, I was doin this and doin that and I had lists and well, my energy dwindled and the financials got tight, and since then, I’ve been doin a lil here…….and a lil there….and I’ve done this before, so I know personally, It Is Never Done.
    Really beautiful place you’ve got there!

  2. Loving the woodwork, the leaded glass window, and the wood floors – it is going to be great! We have been renovating our old farmhouse for 25 years… and when we think we are done, we have to start over… so there’s that to look forward to. But really, you’re building equity and getting the perfect place for your gang. Nice.

  3. I’ve remodeled exactly one house. My best advice: if time isn’t a factor, go at a pace you’re comfortable with. If time is a factor, prioritize. My wife and I are still working on our house after moving in almost seven years ago.

  4. Yes, you picked a house with good bones, Rachel. And much to be done to get it your way. It’s going to be beautiful for Thanksgiving dinner, my friend. That signature wall is pretty cool. Leave it as is? Just thinking out loud about a sure-fire conversation piece. 🙂 Please come back to us here in BloggyVille. You can do both. Really.

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