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It Was All Yellow

Today we headed to the Big House for some more spackling and scrubbing and plastering and painting and any other -ing that sounds like crappy work…or at least Steven did. I spent the majority of my time running back and forth to Ace Hardware.

First, to pick out a few paint samples, and back to the house to hold them against the wall and say things like, “Do we want a sophisticated adult-yellow that we might not have to change when Jack hits his pre-teen years? Or do we want a fun kiddie-yellow because he’s the baby and should have a fun room?” I suggested the fun-yellow and then we steer him towards liking a football team that has yellow in their team colors.

“Like Michigan.”

My husband, who was wearing head to toe scarlet and grey, sort of sneered at me. We decided on something in the middle called Lazy Sundays with Steven clarifying, “And we’ll just paint when Jack’s ready to change it.”

January 2016 005

Back to Ace I trudged to pick up a small quart, just in case we hated it once it was on the wall.

Then about an hour later it was decided Lazy Sunday would work just fine. “You wanna run back and get a gallon so we can finish tonight?” Steven asked.

Not really, but fine. Which is the same answer I gave him when he asked me if I would like to run to the grocery store on New Years Eve. It’s my, “You’re the man, you should have to do it” answer. And yet I still end up doing it. Hmm.

The trips to Ace wouldn’t be so annoying if, for one, it wasn’t across town, and 2, it wasn’t across town. I tried to take a slightly different route each time I went and returned, but I was still annoyed by the time I made it back to the Big House.

This time though, I dropped off the paint and took the kids back home. We are still cleaning up Christmas and trying to keep up with all the unyielding day-to-day procedures, I figured Steven and his awesome dad could finish up the room.

So sorry, no picture of my beautiful happy-yellow room tonight. Maybe tomorrow. We have to run there and work on another room…which will probably be ready for paint…which will mean I’ll be heading back to Ace.

Damn it.


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