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Do Not Disturb

Shhhhh. This is the moment. That harmonious perfect moment when life has yet to be spoiled. The moment before all hell breaks loose. The moment before shrieks and cries and tears. The moment before I have to wake him. The most precious moment of the day.
Beware of Waking Baby.

I have been dreading this day for a couple weeks now. The day we go back to normalcy and schedules and waking up before 10am. Normalcy and schedules I don’t really mind too much, but the waking before 10? Ugh! During Winter break my kids and I went back to listening to our bodies and our bodies said, “Sleep til 10. Then have a poptart.”

And it was good.

Truth be, I’m not really all that worried about it for my sake or even for the 2 older kids sake. Hell, if I wake up cranky, I’ll get over it after a cup of coffee, and if the kids wake up early, I just ship them off to school and then it’s the teacher’s problem. But Jack, the one who, let’s just say it, runs the whole atmosphere of the house, he was my real concern.

He’s not a morning person and he gets that from me. And he doesn’t like to be woken up from a good sleep. It causes him to snap at people and throw tantrums over the smallest thing and to cry until nap time. He gets that from me, too.

So after getting the kids all set for their first day back to school, I crept into the babies room. I dimmed the lights and put on a little Kenny G. Then I massaged his back and sweetly whispered, “Jaaack. It’s time to wake up, buddy.”

He opened one eye and let it slide around til it found me and then just stared at me. I held my breath. Must not piss off the dragon. The eye closed and I went back to breathing.

“Sweetie, it’s time to wake up. Mommy’s made you some chocolate milk.”

This time, with his eyes closed, he raised his head off the pillow a little, then back down it went. To some, that might not have meant much, but for me, it was a step in the right direction.

I moved from rubbing his back to caressing his cheeks, and that’s when it happened. A slight little smile before opening his eyes. I couldn’t believe it. Was this a trick smile? Like one on a lions lips before he eats you?

“You ready to wake up?”

And then he stood up and put his arms out for me to carry him. No fussing. No crying. No calling me “Bad Mommy!” I honestly didn’t believe it, and I asked myself, “if not now…when?”

Would it be while he got dressed? No.

Would it be when I tried to push him into his winter coat? Nope.

On the cold car ride to the school? Nuh-uh.

As a matter of fact, it never happened. Day One of Back to Normalcy came without screams. It came without tears. It came without fussiness, pouting, or jeers! It was a miracle! And it could only mean one thing.

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been dreading for the past couple weeks.




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