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A Twisted Product Review

After all is said and done, there is no denying that there is always one present that a child favors a little more than the others. For my daughter, I think it was her LeapPad 3. For my oldest son, it was Halo for the Xbox 360. As for my youngest, this is the first year he chose an actual toy over the box it came in. He chose the Twister Trax 360.

January 2016 003

It’s not hard to imagine why. Just watch the video and I’m sure you’ll be as transfixed as my husband and I were late one night. We’ve never stopped and watched much on those home shopping networks, but this caught our attention and held it long enough for me to pull out the credit card.

Little did I know, my mother-in-law was being pulled into the QVC zone at the same time we were. A week before Christmas, when we all got together at her house to exchange gifts, I laughed when Jack ripped this one open.

“Is that the one from QVC?” I asked.

“Yes! It looked like so much fun I just had to get it for him!” She said, super excitedly.

After Christmas was all picked up, Steven got the track out and easily set it up. Then Grandma and Grandpa checked around the house for some AAA batteries. We were all amazed at how bright the cars (a fire truck and a police car) lit up and how fast they zipped around the track. Jack jumped around laughing and clapping and was completely spellbound. Seeing him act this way, when he’s normally a shy and quiet and somewhat serious kid, got all of us excited. Pretty soon, even the big kids (I’m talking about the ones in their 30’s) were down on the carpet, adding pieces to the track and sliding it into different positions. We even turned off all the lights, minus the Christmas tree of course, to get the total effect. It was pretty fantastic! So fantastic that when it was time to clean up the toys and go home, Jack had something of a meltdown.

The trax can all be connected together, so I didn’t return the one I had purchased. We have a decent sized family room, so there were no worries about the track being too big. Plus, since you can maneuver it into different shapes, one would imagine it’d fit just about anywhere. When we set it up at our house though, the batteries in the cars had to changed. Steven told me, “I think we might go broke on batteries this year.”

The second time we got it out, one of the trucks stopped lighting up. The best part of the track is watching the lights. I thought it was the batteries, so while Jack screamed at the top of his lungs, I changed them out. It stayed lit for about one lap around the track and then went out. It drove fine. Fastest of them all, actually, but if it wasn’t lighting up, then it wasn’t much fun. I also ended up taking out the loopty loop because that seemed to zap a lot of the battery power.

January 2016 009

The third time we got it out, I had to change the batteries again.

The battery issue and the fact that we’re already having problems with one of the cars is a little unnerving. But the track itself is easy to put together, and changing the shape is a lot of fun. We also discovered that his Thomas the Tank trains (whose batteries don’t run out all that fast) work pretty well on it,too (just not around the loopty loop of course). The cost,  including shipping, is a little over $30, which now that we’ve had it and played with it for awhile, I feel might be a tiny bit too much. Under $30 would make a little more sense.  I would like to get him additional cars, so I’m keeping an eye out for a good sale.

All in all, I think I’d still recommend the Twister Trax.

December 2015 030

And I think Jack would, too.


2 thoughts on “A Twisted Product Review

  1. Well, I’d say his face carries a $30 smile, at least, Rachel. Good shopping by you and the MIL both. Jack will enjoy this twisty track as long as you can afford batteries, I imagine, or until his birthday brings a more interesting gift? That is a drag about the light already faltering on one of the cars. I wonder if the company will honor the Lemon Law if you call Customer Service?!

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