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Thanks for the Help

January 2016 005
Oh Little Clinic
attached to the store
You’ve been there awhile,
but I didn’t notice before.

See, the kids see a doctor,
the pediatrician I chose,
but today was no good
to hear of my woes

And tomorrow, the weekend
he wouldn’t be about,
I don’t blame him too much,
but still there is doubt.

My baby is sick
he’s been sick for awhile,
I hate him so fussy,
and I miss his sweet smile.

So the doctor, he told me
I should give you a try
and I pinched my lips
and maybe rolled an eye.

Oh wonderful, I thought
do they even know what they’re doing?
If they were good at all
they’d be too busy for a viewing.

But I went just the same
I went a bit grumpy
I went with my baby
who was feeling quite dumpy.

We waited a bit
and then we got in.
Then we got our prescription.
Then I started to grin!

My baby feels better,
And I just want to say,
Well, thank you
You didn’t turn us away.

Others may say you’re slow
you’re a sucker.
But personally, I think you’re one baaad


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