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Gettin’ Stuff Done the Hard Way

January 2016 001
How was your day, dear?

If you’d ever like to see me completely lose my shit, and I don’t know why you’d want to, but if you did, I’d suggest you stop by on a day like today.

A day when I just suddenly decide, without planning or patience, to organize the craft closet.

A day when I know my husband is going to be gone all day.

A day I know I still have 1 sick kid at home.

A day when the other two kids are seriously asking to be strangled.

A day in which I have lost all reasonable rationale and thought. This would be a great day to watch me lose my shit.

The original plan was to throw a load of laundry in the wash, start the dishwasher, then sit down on the couch and finish my book while the kids just kinda managed themselves. But then I walked past a mess of puzzles and said, “I should go through the puzzles. I should put them all together and throw out the ones missing several pieces and then I should place them in individual bags or stack them nicely in the closet.”And I did it. It wasn’t easy, but I organized the puzzles.

Then I opened up the closet and said, “The puzzles look too nice to be in here with all this mess. I should clean out the closet. I should take out each and every item in the closet and group them by category and put them in new totes and then put them all back, nice and neat and tidy and sweet.”

Here's the closet back in June. It's got much much worse.
Here’s the closet back in June. It’s got much much worse since then.

If my husband were home, it might have been easier.

If Jack wasn’t sick, it could have been possible.

If the other two had just stopped all the freakin’ screaming and fighting and name-calling, it could have easily been accomplished.

And if I would have just sat my happy ass on the couch all afternoon, everyone would have had a much nicer day.

It got ugly. I can’t stop in the middle of a project. It must be finished before my brain can even wrap itself around doing anything else. But…

Jack needed snuggles. And then he needed to follow me around and pull on my shirt. And then he needed to take all the puzzles I just cleaned up and play with every single one of them…at the same exact time.

The older two needed to continue harassing each other and moaning every time I asked them to play with Jack and groaning every time I asked them to take something out to the recycling bin.

Which made me suddenly need to scream so hard I lost my voice for half an hour.

I also needed to kick things and punch the air.

I needed to threaten and accuse and send them to their rooms because I thought I might pound them into the Earth if they stayed within my sight.

I needed a breather. And a drink.

And another drink.

I lost my shit.

I felt kinda bad.

But hey, I did get that damn closet finished, so yay me.

Ta-da! Hope it lasts til morning.
Ta-da! Hope it lasts til morning.

Stay tuned for next week when I completely go off the deep end while cleaning out the junk drawer.

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4 thoughts on “Gettin’ Stuff Done the Hard Way

  1. Well, it looks good. And the kids need things to tell their therapists when they are older. (Mine have a stockpile.) Funny though, when I first looked, I thought that top box was labeled “Parts O’ Bitches”. Appropriate.

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