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Snow Day Schmo Day

It was only supposed to be a 2-hour delay, but within a couple of hours the superintendent left everyone a message, “Meh, screw it, I’m closing the joint down today.” Or something like that.  About an hour later when Tommy woke me, worried he was gonna be late again, I told him the good news. “Go back to bed. The superintendent had a rough night and cancelled school.” Or something like that.

I don’t think he went back to bed, but I did. And I woke up exactly how I knew I would, to the sweet melody of Minecraft and the screeching of children at play.

Yay. Snow day.

Of course as soon as they saw my corpse drift into the kitchen for some coffee, game controllers were thrown down and arguments were forgotten and all anyone could say was, “Can we get our stuff on and go play in the snow please please please?!?!”

“Maaaaar” I said, cause that’s really the only sound that comes out of my body before coffee. I don’t know what it means, but I’m guess it would attract a Brontosaurus.

Hours of endless begging later I gave up my dream of wanting to spend the day dry and warm and in my pj’s. We spent 45 minutes putting on snow suites and boots and hats and WHERE ARE THE FREAKIN’ GLOVES? and headed out into the windy white tundra of Ohio.

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15 minutes later, we came back inside, stripped down in front of the fire, and sucked down buckets of hot cocoa.

Hittin' the hard stuff a little early, eh?
Hittin’ the hard stuff a little early, eh?

So there, I did my regulatory snow day stuff, I documented it, and I posted it online. Now leave me be.



4 thoughts on “Snow Day Schmo Day

  1. Here in Eastern North Carolina we don’t often have “snow” days per se; they’re more like “ice” days and “hurricane” days. Glad you could enjoy the white stuff (and then the ever-important hot chocolate).

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