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I’m a Loser, Baby

Last night, after watching the Powerball results, my husband turns off the bedroom light and says, “Good night…loser.”

“I’m not the loser.” I tell him, “You’re the one who bought the tickets.”

No matter who bought the tickets, I actually blame my lack of winning numbers on the snow. Had we not been having this yucky ass weather, the kids would have been in school and I would have spent my day at various gas stations and liquor stores (like usual) buying up lottery tickets. But instead, we spent the afternoon shoveling and building snow mounds and thawing our extremities. Damn snow.

And did you see the states that won?! Warm-ass California! Warm-ass Florida! Not-as-warm-but-probably-warmer-than-Ohio-ass Tennessee! They shouldn’t be allowed to have all that sunshine and all the money. Stupid warm places.

So it’s back to our regular old lives without a private jet or live-in nannies. Back to living in our house that is not a farm with a private living quarters for the farmer actually doing the farming on this farm. Back to driving the kids to school in my mini-van and not in a Bugatti.

Depressing, isn’t it?

Anyways, here are a couple pictures of the yellow bedroom, finally. I know I posted about this last week and meant to get these pics up sooner, but I was too busy not winning lotteries.

January 2016 007 January 2016 003

I don’t know why the pictures came out looking like 2 different shades of yellow. The one with the single door is closer to the actual color. It’s bright and happy and just about the exact opposite of my soul right now. My pitiful, not-a-billionaire soul. I can’t wait to replace the ugly light and finish restoring the floor. Which we’ll be doing ourselves because we didn’t win the lottery. But I’m not bitter. I swear it.

That’s all from still-middleclass-and-drinking-wine-from-a-box Ohio. Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “I’m a Loser, Baby

  1. I’ve always wanted a Bugatti Veyron, but they only get 3 miles to the gallon. Krystal says if we had that much money, gas wouldn’t be a problem; but, it must all add up at some point, right?

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